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Populism, as Jan-Werner Müller sees it

In our last blog post exploring conspiracy theories, we claimed that populists often use them to mobilise their constituents. But who are these people we call populists and what is populism? Through the eyes of Jan-Werner Müller, an expert in the field, we seek to provide a short introduction.

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Ceci est une fake news

Mass-paranoia: conspiracy theories and fake news

Some notes from Mass-paranoia by Peter Kreko: This book is all about conspiracy theories and fake news, exploring how they work, why people believe in them and how to overcome them. It’s indeed a topical issue as we are told to be living in a post-truth word where facts count less then personal (subjective) opinions and beliefs. Nowadays, it seems that everyone can have not only their personal opinions but their personal facts. In this atmosphere, it’s hard to know what is real and what is fiction, everything becomes questionable and truth is created by persuasion.

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Can peace be a product?

When working on a new project what I always enjoy the most is the researching part. Reading through books, articles, blogs or just surfing the internet to get some inspiration and see what others are doing. Lately because of RebrandPeace, I have been doing a lot of that, and while browsing, I came across a novel, Peace Inc. Honestly, I didn’t think that a review of a fiction would be the starting point of our theoretical work on how to rebrand peace, but I was quite happy with the find as in my mind, rebranding peace and making it a worthy concept (again) can be done only by popularising and mainstreaming it. Thus, it makes complete sense to see what products of popular culture have to say about peace.

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Does peace need rebranding?

Why aren’t we hearing more about the importance of peace, about peaceful means and successful nonviolent conflict transformations in our everyday lives, in the media and from our politicians? This is our first post, which sheds light on why we chose RebrandPeace as our name.

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About the blog

RebrandPeace is a place to discuss and explore how peace, well-being and sustainable progress can be effectively promoted in an era when fake news, propaganda and populism dominate public discourse and negatively transform how we relate to each.